Enterprise Software Architecture

An architect preserves your big picture, and makes it fit with the realities of scope, schedule and technical purity. Such a person is the bridge between the technical world and the business needs. Every project needs someone with an overview, and we are expert at it.

On the technical side our architects drive:

  • Quality
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Usability

On the business side our architects balance competing concerns: very little is ever right or wrong, so we work to understand all of the forces affected by a decision and come to the best one for you.

Software Design and Development

Our expertise is architecture, but we believe in being hands-on architects so that our ideas stay firmly rooted in what is possible. Instead of just pretty UML pictures, we provide the services to turn those ideas into detailed designs and working software.

COTS Product Integration

Why invent when you can reuse? An organization with a "not-invented-here" attitude is wasting your money. There are excellent off-the-shelf products that can fit into an overall architecture so that you focus your efforts where it counts: on your core business.

Design Team Management

Your architects are already the reviewers of each design, they work with the business to understand priorities, and they play an important role in problem isolation and support. Our architects can organize these efforts into a design that is responsive and efficient.

SDLC Process Consulting

Are you agile enough, or too agile? Is your change managed, or is it challenging?
We've put in our time on projects that use the Panic-Driven Development methodology, and there are better alternatives. We can work with you to find a Software Development Life Cycle that helps your project achieve its goals.

Proposal Support

RFP responses live and die on the strength of their technical solution. We can assist in all stages of proposal creation; especially requirements validation, solution design, resource estimation, and project planning.